Tentemoz@s (EN)

Hórreo Pueblo de Asturias, Gijón

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Tentemoz@s is a project promoted by Carreño Council and the Association of Friends of the Asturian Hórreo that aims to provide work opportunities and social integration for people with functional diversity through the ethnographic heritage, specifically the Carreño style Paneras present in the municipality.

Project Tentemoz@s: Heritage and diversity

Members of the Tentemoz@s project will give a guided tour of four eighteenth and nineteenth century paneras located in Guimarán. During the visits, the characteristics, history and decorations of these traditional structures will be explained, as well as their context within the traditional Asturian “Quintana” (smallholdings) and the rural landscape of the municipality of Carreño.

Upcoming activities tentemoz@s summer 2021

Visits will be offered and open to the public soon. You can request information and book a visit by sending us an email to: tentemozos@horreosdeasturias.es or using our contact form.


Carreño abre sus hórreos y paneras para promover la integración laboral y social (Carreño opens its hórreos and paneras to promote labor and social integration): https://www.elcomercio.es/asturias/mas-concejos/carreno-abre-horreos-20210722000707-ntvo.html

Integración laboral a través del hórreo (Labor integration through the hórreo): https://www.elcomercio.es/asturias/mas-concejos/integracion-laboral-traves-20201108001111-ntvo.html